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who we are ?

YINCHEM has been established since 2008, roughly 15+years experience in the field of energy storage power supplies.

Initially, we primarily produced batteries for the film industry. Our YINCHEM brand batteries have captured 80% of the market share in China’s film rental industry. In the overseas market, we serve as an OEM and ODM provider for several well-known brands in the United States, Canada, Dubai, and other countries.

Since 2021, we have introduced multiple advanced pieces of equipment and started the production of globally leading semi-solid-state lithium battery products. These advancements not only supply the film industry with various professional, lightweight portable power stations but also provide built-in battery solutions for electric motorcycles, drones, 3D scanners, agricultural machinery, and other industries in the global market.

What do we do?

1. We design and develop safe, high-quality, and unique YINCHEM brand batteries, serving the film industry through a global distributor network.
2. We provide OEM and ODM services for battery brands in the film industry, supporting customized battery enclosures.
3. We develop custom portable power solutions for LED lighting brands in the film industry.
4. We create custom battery solutions for electric off-road motorcycle manufacturers and e-motorcycle clubs.
5. We offer custom battery solutions for drones, 3D scanners, agricultural machinery, and other industries.

why choose us ?

Focus on lithium batteries for The 15-Year , many years of overseas cooperation experience, insist on long-term value

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