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As a leading portable power station manufacturer in the industry, we are dedicated to offering high-quality and durable portable energy solutions. With over 15 years of R&D experience, multiple proprietary factories, and extensive production know-how, we ensure to meet all your mobile power needs. Trusted and well-reviewed by clients from over 30 countries, discover our products now

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General Applications For Portable Power Station

A portable power system can power a wide range of devices for numerous scenarios:

Office: power computers, printers, cordless phones, copiers, etc.

Manufacturing plants or distribution centers: power barcode scanners, label printers, etc., support quality control, stocking, picking, shipping, etc.

Retail: supports inventory management, LED signage, electronic cash registers, etc.

Outdoor events: powering audio, lighting, LED signage, etc., such as weddings, concerts, rallies, etc.

Home: powering lights, TVs, computers, medical equipment, etc. during power outages.

Transportation: powering mobile ticket kiosks, baggage checks, passenger screening, etc.

Education: powering audio and video equipment in classrooms and auditoriums.

Leisure: powering barbecues, lights, music players, etc. for outdoor parties, camping, etc.

General Hot Selling Products

1785Wh Modular Portable Energy Storage

Support customization This product adopts semi-solid state battery cell, two wireless charging ports (15W*2), two AC ports (220V), one DC port (57.6V), a cigarette lighter port, four USB ports (5V 3A )

890 Wh Portable Power Supply

This is an industrial portable power supply, the shell is aviation aluminum, mainly used for outdoor work, the output power 890W

1785 Wh Portable Power Supply

This is an industrial portable power supply, the shell is aviation aluminum, mainly used for outdoor work, family emergency power, output power 1800W

3570 Wh Portable Power Supply

This is an industrial portable power supply, the shell is aviation aluminum, mainly used for outdoor work, family emergency power, output power 3200W

Portable Power Supply Production

How portable power station factory is manufactured

Portable Energy Storage Core Components.

The following components are crucial for the long-term safety and lifespan of portable energy storage.

1: BMS

BMS stands for “Battery Management System.” It is an electronic system used in rechargeable batteries to manage and monitor their performance, safety, and overall health.

The picture on the right is our self-developed product

2: Inverter

The function of an inverter is to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).              We use pure sine wave bi-directional inverters.

3:Battery Cell

The battery cell is the part of the energy storage that holds the energy.

We use semi-solid batteries.

Of course we have more cell options

Want to customize safer portable energy storage?

The Basic Knowledge About li-ion battery

Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the specifications of the raw materials used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation. Take the example of booking a tall container of products:

What is a V-Mount Battery Charger?

A V-mount battery charger is a device specifically designed for charging V-mount batteries. It utilizes advanced charging technology to fully charge the batteries in a relatively short time. Some chargers feature an intelligent charging system

Are drone batteries allowed on planes?

Under normal circumstances, drone batteries with less than 160Wh can be brought on a plane, but this also requires detailed discussion based on different situations and airline regulations. · Carry-on Luggage According to the regulations

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose Tailorenergy?

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YINCHEM focuses on providing customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Guaranteed high quality: We use high quality components and have developed our own Battery Management System (BMS). When you choose YINCHEM, you are not just choosing a product, you are choosing a commitment to quality.

Reliable Supply Chain Partner: Reliability is key when looking for the right supplier, and YINCHEM has earned the trust of our customers with improved systems and service that exceeds their expectations.

The FAQs About Portable Power

To estimate runtime, you first need to know the power of the power station and the power consumption of the device you are using. Divide the power capacity of the power station by the power consumption of the device. For example, a portable power station with a capacity of 2000Wh can run a device with a power consumption of 200W for about 10 hours (2000Wh ÷ 200W = 10 hours).

1. **Battery Capacity:** Battery capacity is crucial, as it determines how long your devices can run on a single charge. Look for the highest capacity that suits your needs, and make sure to understand the capacity in Watt-hours (Wh) if it's not directly provided.
2. **Battery Technology:** The type of battery used affects factors like size, weight, charging speed, and efficiency. Common types include lithium-ion (Li-Ion), lithium-polymer (Li-Po), and lead-acid. Li-Ion is suitable for portability, while Li-Po offers fast charging and safety.
3. **Inverter Technology:** The inverter converts DC power from the battery to AC power for devices. Pure sine wave inverters are ideal for sensitive equipment, while modified sine wave inverters are cost-effective for most electronics.
4. **Peak and Continuous Wattage:** Consider the peak (surge) and continuous wattage of the power station. Different devices require specific peak wattage to start and continuous wattage to run. Ensure the power station can handle the devices you plan to use.
5. **Power Input and Output Ports:** Look for a variety of charging ports, including USB, USB-C, 12-Volt DC, and AC outlets. Having multiple options allows you to charge and power various devices. Also, check the available charging ports for recharging the power station itself. Remember to prioritize your specific needs when choosing a portable power station to ensure it meets your requirements effectively and reliably.

The duration depends on the model, battery capacity, and the charging method you use. Generally speaking, charging using an AC wall outlet is the fastest method. For most models on the market, this might take 2-5 hours.

Charge our 1800Wh devices in less than 2 hours!

CPAP machines are a critical piece of equipment for sleep apnea patients. However, continuous thunderstorms, windstorms, and downed power lines make power outages an inevitable part of life. If you don't have a reliable CPAP battery backup system, you can lose your life in such unforeseen circumstances. That's why it's crucial to invest in a backup power system to help you prepare for such situations. Our batteries offer great advantages in terms of stability as well as being lighter and thinner in the same size!


Portable Power Station SizePurpose
200 WhBackup power for small devices, charging for group camping
500 WattsWeekend getaways, backup power for small devices
1000 WhWeekend getaways, outdoor office/remote work setup
1800Wh+Essential home emergency backup, versatile power source for travels


Do not overcharge the portable charging station as this can shorten its life and damage the internal components. Similarly, do not leave the station on all the time.

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