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All-in-one Customized Solution Service

Addressing Needs

In the beginning, we will offer a free consultation.

You can communicate your needs with the team. In this way, you get expert advice on batteries appearance and cell design and an opinion on the actual performance. It helps you tremendously with your marketing strategy later.

R&D Design Experience

From internal structure to electronic components to electrical performance, our technical experts will evaluate the feasibility and technical know-how of your solution.

Your solution will not only meet your individual needs, but also follow market trends and be accepted by a broad audience.

Sourcing Materials

With a strong and stable supply chain, YINCHEM’s procurement team focuses on various lithium batteries and hardware, wiring harnesses and other accessories, saving you time and manpower and shortening delivery time.


We are an old manufacturer that has existed in the market for a long time based on product quality.

We have special inspections at every step to ensure that the products can run well in any field. It has multiple production lines and advanced automation equipment to ensure production efficiency.


The batteries are individually packed in strict compliance with international shipping regulations and are equipped with pearl cotton for additional protection. Each battery is well insulated to prevent injuries to people.

With the advantage of a superior supply chain, YINCHEM can guarantee fast delivery. Our logistics and warehouses are more advantageous than peers, allowing us to offer lower-cost solutions.

OUR Certification

Successful Cases

YINCHEM pays close attention to market differences and launches fully customized lithium battery solutions for different application fields, helping many brands gain good response.

Time: 2023.6
  • Location: America
  • Project Name: 48V Lithium Battery For Electric motorcycle
Time: 2022.6
  • Location: America
  • Project Name: 72V Lithium Battery For Forkit
Time: 2022.9
  • Location:Australia
  • Project Nmae:48V Lithium Battery For Electric Drive 30′ Catamaran Liveaboard Sailboat

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