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Research and development in own factory, Support product customization,OEM&ODM

The 15-Year of lithium battery production experience

YINCHEM is a lithium battery product R&D and manufacturer from China. We focus on providing safer lithium battery products.

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72V 48Ah
72V 55Ah
72V 75Ah

Quality Assurance

For battery safety, we typically undergo comprehensive testing using various equipment, including a lithium cell lifespan and environmental testing group, lithium battery pack performance parameter testing group, battery pack vibration testing machine, short-circuit test machine, lifespan aging equipment, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, thermal shock test machine, and combustion test machine, among others.

We use top-tier A-grade battery cells from leading brands and offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) support.

Self-developed BMS ensures smooth system operation

70-day Promise!

Bringing you the safest and fastest battery customization for your project.

Step 1:Customer idea (3-7 days)

Design and Requirements Specification

Step 2:Preliminary design (7-14 days)

designing models for analysis and Testing cost accounting

Step 3:create a prototype (30 days)

reliability verification through various tests

Step 4:Pre-series. (20 days)

various audits,Regulatory Compliance

Want to customize or wholesale batteries?

The composition of an electric motorcycle battery

Battery Cell

The core of the battery is crucial, affecting overall lifespan and stability. We have long-term procurement of various cells, including Samsung, LG, 18650, 21700, soft shell, and hard shell, to ensure the best choices.”


BMS (Battery Management System) is an essential component used to manage the stable operation of battery packs. In China, many companies use third-party protection boards, but we have our own developed BMS protection board, allowing for a more comprehensive control of battery performance.

Fire-proof shell

For some past orders, we required the batteries to be dustproof and waterproof. We have rich experience and the materials needed to meet IPX67-level requirements.


Let's Enhance project safety, boost profits with advanced batteries!


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